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Down, down, down so deep that even the sunlight cannot swim there...

I am pleased as punch to let you all know, if you didn't know already, that pre-orders for Rolling in the Deep are now open. This gorgeous hardcover Mira Grant novella has never appeared anywhere else, and introduces a whole new world of submarine terror. What if there were mermaids? What would they look like?

What would they eat?

The signed and numbered edition which is currently being offered is limited to 1,000 beautiful copies, and will make a fantastic Hogswatch gift. I'm so excited!

Now, to answer a few questions:

Will there be a cheaper edition?

I do not know, for I am not the publisher. Probably, going by the way they usually do things, but it's not my call. Please do not complain about the cost of the hardback. It's a gorgeous book, I understand that not everyone can afford it, and that's part of why it's set in a new world, not a pre-existing one.

Will there be an ebook edition?

The publisher has indicated that there will, but this is 100% of the information I have. Please direct any questions about timing or price to the publisher.
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