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Ghostwoods Books: a Kickstarter, a chance, and a lot of fiction in the wind.

I try not to post about Kickstarters too much. I'm a short fiction addict, both as a reader and a writer, and if I started posting about every anthology KS that came along, y'all would start pelting me with rocks in fairly short order. I do not like being pelted with rocks. It hurts.

That being said, sometimes there's a need. I'd like to tell you about Ghostwood Books. A small press with five years of experience, they're looking to fund an entire year of amazing new fiction through the crowd-funding platform. Self-serving memo: they asked me to be in one of their anthologies. Even more self-serving memo: that's the only one of their books that I would be involved with, meaning I would get to read the rest.

They have sixty-eight hours to hit their goal, and they're less than halfway there. Please, take a look. Something just might catch your fancy.
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