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Review roundup will put brambles in your bed.

It's a sleepy Sunday morning in England, and that means that a review roundup is the best use of my time. Here we go!

Travels Through Iest has posted a review of Midnight Blue-Light Special, and says, "The book is tight and action packed. I give kudoes to Seanan McGuire for not shying away from the fact that when you're playing this game people will get hurt and killed." Aw, yay.

The Nocturnal Library has posted a review of Midnight Blue-Light Special, and says, "As hard as I try to keep them completely separate in my head, for reasons I'd rather not explain, Seanan McGuire and Mira Grant are obviously one and the same. Midnight Blue-Light Special, like no other book published under Seanan's name before it, shows the sharpness and wit I've come to associate with the brilliant and irreplaceable Mira Grant." Can you tell I've reached the MBS section of the link file? (Bonus points for the commenter who says that comparing me to Mira makes my books more compelling. My evil twin haunts me always.)

Angela, at Whimsical, has posted a review of Midnight Blue-Light Special, and says, "Midnight Blue-Light Special is action-packed, and felt even more dangerous and exciting than Discount Armageddon. You'd think that fighting humans instead of 'monsters' would be easier, but apparently not. The pacing is quick, and the humor is snappy–but it isn't without its heart-wrenching moments. Of course, as life usually is, no sooner have you had a breather that something else is happening, and happening fast." Glee.

Deborah at Geekdame has posted a splendid list of five reasons you should read Midnight Blue-Light Special. My favorite bit: "You know, for most of the book, I was just toolin’ along and enjoying the zany characters and thoughtful cryptozoology and just having a laid-back reading experience. AND THEN SHIT WENT DOWN. Shit went down hard, and scary, and suddenly it wasn’t all sexy funtimes and cryptid games anymore. No, it was pain and death and maybe the revision of reality, who knows? Betrayal and loss and life decisions: SUDDENLY ALL UP IN MY BUSINESS." Hee.

Finally for today, She Blinded Me With Library Science has posted a review of Midnight Blue-Light Special, and says, "So I love Seanan McGuire. This is not news, and not a secret, so by that logic this was a bit of a biased book choice on my part. I'm firmly on camp McGuire can do no wrong, and luckily this book didn't disappoint." I love you too, unknown reviewer.

So there are some reviews, and now my link file is a little shorter. (I don't collect reviews as assiduously as I used to, but I feel bad deleting the links I do have, since those reviewers put a lot of work into what they do, and it's nice to acknowledge it. We are an ecosystem.) Join us next week when I accidentally set myself on fire. Again.
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