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T-shirt updates!


So right now, Deborah is in the process of emailing anyone who is not marked "paid" on the big T-shirt spreadsheet, to confirm that they have a) sent payment and just not been marked off properly, b) they are planning to send payment within the next week, or c) they would like to cancel their shirt orders.

If a)...

I am in England! Because of this, my email access has been spotty, and my inbox is out of control. This means that it is 1,000% likely that payment notifications have been missed (especially since PayPal doesn't always mark them clearly, which means doing an inbox search for "PayPal" is not always reliable). If you have sent payment and you receive an email, nothing is wrong. Your order has not been deleted. Just reply to Deborah with your confirmation number, and we'll get things updated.

If b)...

We really need to get final payments in so we can submit this order. If you receive an email and have not sent payment previously, please follow Deborah's instructions and get right on that. I'd really rather not have to return a bunch of late payments because we've already sent in the shirt order without you.

If c)...

That's cool! Situations change and stuff moves around and all. Just reply and let Deborah know that you need to cancel your order, and we'll take you off the spreadsheet.

Please remember that I have very little contact with the admin side of things: if you have a question about your order, email the merch address, rather than commenting here.

Shirts soon!
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