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New book dropping Tuesday; have some reviews.

The Winter Long comes out on Tuesday, to my terror and delight, and the early reviews are beginning to filter in.

Whatchamacallit reviews has posted a review of The Winter Long, and says, "The first thing I have to say about Seanan McGuire is that her October Daye series gets better with each book. While I've liked each book, I've found that with each successive book in the series the overall series and each book got better, to the point that now when a new book in the series comes out I have to immediately go buy a copy and often finish it that day."

Also: "McGuire has done something I've seen only a precious few other authors do successfully, turn their entire world upside down. That's what The Winter Long is, it's a complete reversal from everything readers and fans of the series have known from the first book in the series. This is the turning point and while McGuire has built upon changes created from previous books in the series, she executed a perfect shift for the others leaving readers utterly unable to control their collective jaws from dropping."


My Bookish Ways has posted a review of The Winter Long, and says, "Seanan McGuire mentions in her acknowledgements that this is the book that all others led up to, that everything she's done until now was for the sake of getting here. Indeed. What she manages to do is make it very clear how intricate Toby's story is, and the richness of Toby's world is a thing of genius. And don't worry, while The Winter Long clears up a TON of stuff, it’s made clear that Toby's story is far from over. This is a good thing. The Winter Long is a testament to McGuire's ability to take so many threads and pull them together into a harrowing, and believable tapestry, and it's all Toby’s own. While there's plenty of action, this is one of the most introspective books in the bunch, and of course, another great book in the Toby-verse."

Now that the reviews are out of the way, I have two requests. I promise they're small.

The first is to please remember how stressful and upsetting I find it when people put books out for sale early. The Winter Long comes out on Tuesday. While you are absolutely welcome to buy it if you find it before then, and may not have a choice (some retailers ship early), I am begging you, please don't tell me. My chances of making the New York Times list, which is still a big deal in finding out whether a series will continue, ride on that first Tuesday to Tuesday window. So if you can refrain from buying until the book is officially out, please do, and if you can't, please, for the love of the Great Pumpkin, don't tell me you got the book early.

The second is to please wait until I open the official discussion post before you begin your book discussion. I'll be in Scotland at the time, so it should be open very early indeed on the 2nd. But just in case something goes wrong, please don't start discussing here, or elsewhere on this blog. Spoilers are a big, big thing with this particular book.

It's almost here!
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