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Everyone knew how the story would go: crows on the battlements, blood on the snow.


Remember the ATI Management Bureau, and the brave, foolish, overworked people who tried to protect the world from fairy tale mischief? Henrietta Marchen, Snow White and field team leader; Sloane Winters, Wicked Stepsister and unlikely defender of mankind; Demi Santos, Pied Piper and new recruit; Jeff Davis, Shoemaker's Elf and Archivist; Andrew Robinson, whose brother died in a fairy tale gone wrong. They did their best to save us. They told their story. They walked away from season one battered but breathing.

Let's see if they can survive season two.

I am pleased to announce that Indexing: Reflections will be coming from 47North and the Kindle Serials Program in 2015. As with the first Indexing, the book will be serialized in bi-weekly installments, and collected in print and eBook form at the end of the season. (Also as with the first serial, the eBooks will be available for Kindle only. I'm sorry about that.)

All your old friends, and some of your old enemies, will be coming back to active duty, along with some surprising new faces on both sides of the fence. It's going to be a fairy tale catastrophe, and it's going to take some serious scrambling for the good guys to come out on top. There's no guarantee, when you go into the whiteout wood.

Now come on. Say it with me.

Once upon a time...
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