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Let's get back to Buckley, shall we?

It's time for some free fiction. Hooray! And since I forgot to post on the last release day, we're essentially celebrating two new stories today! Double hooray!

In the first, "Oh Pretty Bird," Jonathan and Frances Healy are finally going after the woman responsible for the death of their firstborn son. This is best read after "Stingers and Strangers," published in the anthology Dead Man's Hand, although that is not absolutely required.

In the second, "Bury Me In Satin," we spend some time with Mary Dunlavy, Alice's favorite babysitter, as her world changes forever, and we discover just how entwined Rose Marshall's world is with the world of the Healy family.

You can download both stories now from the InCryptid short fiction page. The PDF link for "Bury Me In Satin" will be fixed later tonight.

This also serves as your discussion post.
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