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Unexpected discoveries in a car!

So Chris, who used to drive me all over the place before he got a better job and had to stay in the South Bay more, was cleaning out his old car when he found a CD longbox that had apparently gotten lost in there, like, literally years ago. Many, many years ago. And in that CD longbox (which he returned to me, because he is a good Chris), I found a bunch of copies of the original run of Stars Fall Home. The one with the owl and me on the cover. Yeah, that one.


This is the original, crappier version of the album. The version that is currently in print has been fully remastered and has a new track ("Continental Divide"). There's nothing extra on this version; it's literally just older and a little less awesome. But when I recorded it, it was the best thing I had ever done, and it's definitely a different version.


If you are a collector/completest, and would like to own the first edition of my first album, I have fifteen copies. They are $10 if you're going to be in a position to pick them up; $15 inclusive of postage if I have to mail them within the US; and $20 inclusive of postage if I have to mail them outside the US. Email me through my contact form if you want one, and get them back out of my house.

ETA: Please stop asking about Pretty Little Dead Girl. I am selling fifteen copies of Stars Fall Home, first edition, at this time. I am not selling anything else.
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