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You don't have to be a genius, but it helps.

I am delighted to announce that my story, "Long Way Down," will be appearing in the anthology Genius Loci, along with a bunch of truly awesome authors and some really good friends.

This is a book of stories about place and connection to place. My story is about the creek I used to play in which I was a little girl, both as it really was, and as I always secretly believed that it could be. I'm really excited for you all to see it. But that's not the best part of this anthology for me.

Look at that table of contents. Look at all those new names, sandwiched between names you maybe know already. Look at the name "Sunil Patel." Look at the name "Caroline Ratajski." That's Sunil and Carrie, you guys. That's my Comic-Con roommate and my comic book slumber party buddy. Those are my friends, sharing an anthology with me, sharing a table of contents with me, and with Ken, and with Chaz, and with everybody.

Carrie and Sunil are great people. They're warm, generous, friendly, and have made me a better person by being a part of my life. And now I get to share a book with them.

How awesome is my life sometimes? I mean really, how awesome is my life?

Pretty awesome.
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