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Make a little space, sell a couple shirts.


Look! The new Slasher Chicks shirts are here!

These lovely, colorful tanks allow you to embrace your inner roller girl, while also looking awesome in the hot summer weather. With art by the fabulous Sfe Monster, this was our first experiment with printing on bright colors for fun times. All tanks are fitted (no straight cuts this time, I'm afraid).

Here's the thing: they're all in a big box, and I'm not 100% sure what I have. So I'm going to post shirts a few at a time, and update this post when I add more shirts for sale. First up, we have...

Banana Yellow, 2XL
Banana Yellow, XL
Banana Yellow, S
Purple, XL
Purple, XL
Red, XL
Red, S
Bright Pink, M

All shirts are $20 + $5 shipping US/$10 shipping International. If you're wondering about a color/color family and size, please comment, and I'll happily look it up. If you want a shirt, comment here, and I'll provide payment info and all that fun stuff.


ETA: When I say "use my contact form," I mean my website, not LJ messaging. Please do not use LJ messaging.
ETA2: I really mean it when I say "please do not use LJ messaging." Yes, it's easier, but it means that the odds of my missing your message and your shirt not getting shipped increase by literally 500%. I cannot miss you in my email inbox. I am really good at missing things in my LJ inbox. Please, please, don't do this.

And we are CLOSED. A new post will open when this one is cleared.
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