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Hack the planet!

Because we're still working our way through the latest tip jar, it's time for some free fiction. Hooray!

Arthur Harrington is having a hell of a time. He's always been among the most sheltered of the current generation, thanks to inheriting more than a few incubus tricks from his father, but not getting the control to keep them from backfiring at random. He used to be okay with that.

Then Sarah got hurt, and he couldn't go to help her.

Now he's climbing the walls in Oregon, looking for a way to make things better, and slamming endlessly into the walls of linear space and missing information. How do you repair a cuckoo's mind when no one understands how it works in the first place?

You can download "IM" now from the InCryptid short fiction page. This story chronologically takes place after Half-Off Ragnarok, and is better read after you've read the book. (Obviously I can't control this, but hey, I can give recommendations.) This is more of a vignette than a full narrative; it's a necessary scene to move things into place, but please don't go in looking for something huge and plot-ty. It won't be there. I'm still really excited about what is there.

This also serves as your discussion post.
Tags: incryptid, short fiction
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