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Wow, this weekend went by fast.

Chris came over yesterday, and we spent basically the entire day watching terrible movies on SyFy/recorded off SyFy and preserved on the DVR. We watched The Uninvited, starring Emily Browning's impossibly Disney Princess facial proportions. We watched Drive Angry, starring Nicholas Cage's impossibly plastic face. And then we watched Lockout, starring Guy Pearce as a completely fucks-free zone. Seriously, his character in this film has so few fucks that he is in actual fucks debt to the Fucks Mafia, and it is glorious.

(I keep feeling like we watched another movie in there, but I'm pretty sure that's my hind-brain going "you watched ten minutes of Vikingdom, that's enough suffering to count as a whole film, no really. And in about an hour, I'm going to take a big bowl of ice cream and go watch Blood Lake on Animal Planet. I am a predictable creature, is what I'm saying here.)

Anyway, here are a few updates on things.


All emails asking about Wicked Girls posters have been answered. If you received one of these emails, you may notice that it said "please PayPal address A, and then reply to this email (sent from address B) with your mailing address." What this means is "please PayPal address A, and then reply to this email (sent from address B) with your mailing address." I can't harvest mailing information from PayPal with the mail client that I use for address A. Meaning your poster will not be mailed, even if it is paid for, until you follow the instructions in that original email, and tell me where to send it. Fiddly? Yes! But clearly stated, so I don't feel too bad about it.

(If you were wanting a poster, the post with instructions is here:, and as I just ordered a new box of poster tubes, I am fully capable of shipping more. I will run out of tubes before I run out of posters, so this is a great time to order.)

Considering a book sale.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, at least according to my origins in the fanfic mines. Elizabeth Bear, whom I love dearly, periodically does an "author's copies sale" to try to reclaim her house. I think I may need to do something similar, as I am losing access to my guest room. I will probably set this up shortly after Phoenix Comic Con. In the meanwhile, if you're looking for something specific, please feel free to email me through my website contact form. It never hurts to check.

(I do not have copies of Ravens in the Library, or indeed, most of the anthologies I've been in. Sorry.)

Updates to the Field Guide.

There have been some updates to the InCryptid Field Guide. You can find it here:

There are more updates to come, as I'm trying to get all the existing entries posted before I go back to Kory for more. Hooray, the field guide!


Efforts to breed a Shiny Eevee continue unabated. I am destroying the local ecology by releasing so many newborn Eevees back into the wild. Even if most of them are eaten by the resident Gyrados and Svipers, there should still be enough to cause a major ecological crisis. Whee!

And that is all.
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