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Review roundup! Because sometimes that's all you can do.

You know the drill: the link file is a dark pit into which no light falls, and from which few men emerge with their lives. The only way to fight it is to chip away at its power with review roundups, and with fire. As I am currently out of matches, have a review roundup.

First up, Tangent Online has posted a lovely review of Dead Man's Hand, and says, "McGuire's tale accelerates into an exciting high-stakes barn burner featuring gunshot wounds, giant bug attacks, memory loss, arson, mind control, and true love." Also, "The quick banter and roughneck personality of Brown acts as counterpoint to Healy's educated, formal, and proper demeanor. The chemistry between them sizzles and would have us turning pages even had McGuire not graced us with a well-structured plot rife with tension and mystery." Everybody loves Johnny and Fran.

Moving on, Bookworm Blues has reviewed Sparrow Hill Road, and says, "It's refreshing to read a book about a character who is that in control of herself, that self-assured and certain in the face of so much uncertainty." It's a great review, it just made pull quotes difficult.

Bookswarm went on a speed date with Sparrow Hill Road (what a neat format!) and had a lovely time.

The Book Smugglers have posted a review of Sparrow Hill Road, and say, "The collection reads as an engaging and surprisingly moving blend of Americana, thriller, and love story and as I read it, it struck me how the collection has a very distinctive feel from the rest of McGuire's oeuvre. It's not exactly the voice that gives that impression even though I thought Rose's voice was strong and relatable. It's more about the construct of the background story, the slow revelations about the ghostroads and the movers and shakers of this world, all of it stemming from what I understand to be a very American tradition of ghost-related storytelling." Wow.

Finally for right now, My Bookish Ways has posted a review of Sparrow Hill Road, and says, "This unusual, sometimes dark, but rather lovely and even poignant, book is a road trip that I was glad I took, and if things aren't wrapped up in a neat bow at the end, that's ok, it just means there will be more to look forward to from Rose and her very unique friends." I sure do hope so.

More to come, as always, as I battle against the links that never die.
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