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A few questions for the floor.

Apparently, I have too much free time on my hands, because I'm thinking of doing another run of Wicked Girls shirts. The last run was two years ago, and it seems like it's time. My shirt company is still in business, and while their rates have gone up slightly, they haven't gone up so much as to make things impractical. So! I have two questions.

First question, is there interest?

Second do we handle international orders? I don't want to say "sorry, US and Canada only," but at the same time, recent increases in postage fees mean that shipping to anywhere else is going to be disgusting. Like, "at least ten dollars for a shirt, and fifteen for two" levels of disgusting (and even then, I'm averaging things out and will be eating some of the cost). There's not much margin on these shirts: because of the way we do them, I basically make cost + shipping materials + pizza party for the people who pack the shirts to ship. That means I can't afford to ship unless I charge what it actually costs. But I also cringe at the idea of charging what it actually costs. Fun for the whole family!

As with the last run, there will be a small surcharge for sizes 3xl and up, both because I pay more for the shirts themselves, and because they cost more to ship. I'll keep it as low as I can, again, if we do this.


Do we do this?
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