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Moments in a year of mermaids.

(I realized I hadn't actually said this here yet. Or anywhere. Bad me. So...)

I love mermaids.

I have always loved mermaids. My one point of contention with Ariel was always that I couldn't understand how someone who came from her undersea world could yearn so much for gravity and oxygen and all the rest. If someone offered me a role in a mermaid AU of my life, I would take it in a heartbeat, is what I'm saying here.

Naturally, this has translated to a lot of mermaids in my work. Dianda, in Toby; the finfolk, in InCryptid. Mermaids everywhere, mermaids for everybody. But a lot of people assumed that Mira Grant would never have the opportunity to write about mermaids, which are more of a fantasy staple, after all.

Oh ye of little faith.

I am delighted to announce that my/Mira's first original Subterranean Press novella, "Rolling in the Deep," will be released next April. It's about mermaids. It's about science. It's about reality television. But mostly the mermaids thing.

As with all SubT books, it will be a limited edition, so I recommend saving your pennies now for its terrible, inevitable reality.

I am so excited.
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