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You can go your own way: the 2014 Hugo ballot is live.

You can see the full ballot for this year's Hugo Awards here, to be given out at this year's Worldcon, Loncon 3, to be held August 14th to 18th, 2014, in London, England. Supporting and Attending Memberships are still available.

Why am I saying this?

I am saying this because Parasite, written under the name Mira Grant, has been nominated for Best Novel.

It's a good ballot this year. It's a complicated ballot this year. It's a terrifying ballot this year. It's a troublesome ballot this year. But I am sharing it with some of my favorite people in the entire world; I am sharing it with Cat Valente's wonderful "Six-Gun Snow White," which is in the Best Novella category (and is hence not up against me YAY); I am sharing it with Charles Stross's Neptune's Brood, make it our first shared Hugo ballot since we became friends; I am sharing it with Pacific Rim and Mark Oshiro and Foz Meadows and Sheila Gilbert and so many amazing people. I want to hug them and shriek about how we made it, before we get raging drunk together, and it's wonderful.

If you nominated, whether you nominated me or someone entirely different, thank you. We are shaping the future history of science fiction, and that's amazing.

I will do my best to be worthy of you all.
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