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A few quick reminders!

1. This is the last day for the April tip jar! To tip me and keep the free fiction coming, PayPal to Fun for the whole family! (Things are tight all over; please believe me when I say that I do not resent anyone not tipping, and actually tend to forget names as soon as I finish processing transactions and updating the totals. So please, please don't worry that I'll be sad at you if you can't afford to tip. This is a thing I do because I was asked to, not because I think it's my due.)

2. If you're looking for a copy of Letters to the Pumpkin King, they are still available directly from NESFA, or by contacting Borderlands Books. There is no eBook, partially because a lot of the book is this blog. The original eBook!

3. I will be Guest of Honor at this year's Norwescon, in Seattle, Washington! I...flew home from Seattle so I could pack for Seattle. Why do I live in California, again?

4. Oh, right. My house is here. See you in two weeks, in Washington.

5. If you need to reach me, and it's important and needs a timely reply, please use my website contact form. Messages sent through LJ, Tumblr, or (shudder) Facebook may or may not be answered. (Also, it makes me sad that my spellcheck knows "Facebook" now. It still doesn't know "spellcheck.")

6. Sparrow Hill Road is out in less than a month! Woo, Rose!

And that is all.
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