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Short fiction updates: roller girls and robots, oh my.

There's some new short fiction in the world! Hooray!

First up, "Jammed," a new Antimony Price story, appears in the anthology Games Creatures Play, edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni Kelner. I adore both Charlaine and Toni as people, but right now what's important is that they're fantastic editors. They bring out the best in their authors, and this whole book is full of delicious urban fantasy sporting goodness.

To quote my own short fiction page:

"Antimony has finally gotten her groove back. She has friends on her roller derby team; she has her cousins to keep her company; and she has, for the most part, managed to keep her off-the-track activities from bleeding over into her social life. So what if she's a professional cryptozoologist and occasional monster hunter? There's no reason for that to change anything.

Until there is. Until one of the jammers on the Concussion Stand is found dead during a match; until her cousin Elsie is shouting at her to make things right, because Elsie's girlfriend Carlotta is the Captain of the dead woman's team; until it becomes crystal clear that whatever killed the skater, it wasn't human.

Antimony must decide which matters more: getting justice for the dead, or maintaining her cover as "just another skater." And she'll have to decide quickly, because the killer is still at large, and whatever it is, it doesn't seem likely to stop with just one skater..."

Games Creatures Play is available now at a bookstore near you. It's a hardcover, and can be used to build little castles, or to fend off home invasion.

If hardcover's a little rich for your blood, Robot Uprisings, edited by John Joseph Adams and Daniel H. Wilson, is a lovely paperback, suitable for carrying in your purse or bookbag, resting on your nightstand, and inspiring nightmares about the inevitable robot apocalypse. My story, "We Are All Misfit Toys in the Aftermath of the Velveteen War," is about toys, and how they play with us. (It's not a Velveteen story, despite the title: if it were, it would be "Velveteen vs. Who the Fuck Thought This Was a Good Idea." Naming conventions matter!"

John has helpfully provided a whole page of purchase links, here:

New stories!

Everything is awesome.
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