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It's that time of year again, and so...

This seems to be an "every six months or so" thing, which is nice: I don't feel too demanding, but I'm able to keep prioritizing the free shorts in my lists. And so, as promised, I am now taking "tip jar" donations to fund the next InCryptid story or stories. To tip, please PayPal to...

Since I opened this tip jar on a Wednesday, I will leave it open until next Tuesday, when I will close it and post a total for what was collected.

If I get $200, I will prioritize finishing and posting "IM," aka, "let's check in on Artie."
If I get $300 or more, I will prioritize finishing and posting "Bury Me In Satin," aka "there's something about Mary."

"Oh Pretty Bird" will be posted this year even if no one tips me a penny; I'm not holding anything finished hostage, just trying to justify my perpetually shuffling things around. Thanks so much to everyone who's ever donated in the past; you've done a lot to make my current situation possible.

Thank you!
Tags: incryptid, shameless plea, short fiction, tip jar
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