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Seattle! I am here!

It's time for Emerald City Comic-Con, Seattle's very own answer to the fact that San Diego has become the Mordor of Nerds! It's an awesome three day event in lovely downtown Seattle, and once again, I'm going to be bringing down the house in my own inimitable (and occasionally awkward) fashion.

I have one program item this year: "Beyond the Genre in Genre Fiction" on Friday morning at 11:40am. I am appearing with a bunch of truly awesome people, including Kory Bing, who some among you may remember as the illustrator for the InCryptid Field Guide. I am super excited! You should come!

If you can make the con but can't make my panel, I'll be around throughout the weekend, and am happy to sign things if spotted. Or if not spotted, but then the things may not belong to you.

Emerald City!
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