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Forty-nine days to our ghost story.

Yesterday, with very little fanfare, we slipped under fifty days to the release of Sparrow Hill Road. In forty-nine days precisely—seven weeks, seven short, short weeks—Rose will be on store shelves, and everyone who missed her first road trip will have the opportunity to take it in a whole new way.

I am excited.

I am delighted.

I am terrified.

Rose is one of my favorite people. She's my pretty little dead girl and the spirit of Sparrow Hill Road; she's the girl in the diner and the girl in the green silk gown. She's a story about stories, and I am both beyond ecstatic that she's about to meet her wider audience, and incredibly nervous about the whole thing.

Let me tell you about Rose Marshall.

I promise she won't bite.
Tags: folklore is awesome, ghost stories, math is awesome, sparrow hill road
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