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Reviews are trickling in, and everybody loves Alex! has posted a lovely review of Half-Off Ragnarok, and says, " One thing that always amazes me about Seanan McGuire is how she can take a theme, and run with it. In this case, it's finding multiple kinds of cryptid who all fit into the overlapping 'snakes' and 'things which petrify you' categories, and making them all seem completely reasonable, if a little irrational. (It roughly compares to that time Jim Butcher worked five different flavors of werewolf into a single book.) Watching her characters deal with such hazardous and bizarre things as basilisks and gorgons, lindworms and more, is kind of like taking a tour through a very deadly theme park made up of alternating parts awesome and terrifying. Come to think of it, that sums up this series quite nicely."


"Don't go into this book looking for great literature or deep thoughts. Go into it because it's slightly over-the-top fun, a genuinely entertaining good time, an urban fantasy that, despite the title, isn't about the imminent end of the world. The best way to describe this is to say that McGuire writes for a wide audience, and this is an accessible series that doesn't require a lot of commitment. Better still, this book effectively acts as a jumping-on point to those just coming in."

Full disclosure: the reviewer has been a friend of mine since I was fourteen. But he's never let that force him to be nice to me when he didn't want to, so hey, we're all good (love ya, Mike).

Medusa's Library has also posted a review of Half-Off Ragnarok, and says, "This was a delightful book all the way through. Seanan is, herself, a trained herpetologist, and her love for the reptiles shines through. Also, there is an awesome animal called a Church Griffin (cross a Maine Coon cat with a raven) named Crow who I want to wrap up and bring home. The Aeslin mice that featured prominently in the first two books have their own part to play here too. Hail! Hail the subplot of the mice! Hail! (The anthropologist in me desperately wants to interview a colony of Aeslin mice as soon as possible!)"


Everything is lovely, nothing hurts, and Half-Off Ragnarok can be yours this coming Tuesday.
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