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Skate for your life, and hide your knives.

Happy February! Have some free fiction.

You've had a glimpse of Antimony's time with the Slasher Chicks, but how did it start? Everyone has to strap on their skates for the first time sometime, because otherwise there'd be no one on the track at all. For Antimony Price, that first time came shortly after high school graduation, when she thought she had no other choices.

You know the result, since clearly she joins the team, but getting there is half the fun and more than half the battle. It's time to find out where it all started.

Let's jam.

You can download "Blocked" now from the InCryptid short fiction page. Since this story is chronologically the first starring Antimony, it should stand reasonably well on its own, providing you have any familiarity with the InCryptid setting. (If you don't, there's a lot of short fiction set earlier in the world continuity also posted on that page. Enjoy!)

This also serves as your discussion post.
Tags: incryptid, roller derby, short fiction
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