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Boom shaka laka and a round of 'views!

Reviews! Interviews! All the 'views!

I did an interview with Drey's Library about a million years ago (as in, "talks about Ashes of Honor as the upcoming Toby book"), and now you can read it, because I finally remembered to link things. Sometimes I am slow.

The Discriminating Fangirl chose some of my books as their Best of 2011! I am honored and...yeah, really, really slow. I am almost ashamed of this roundup. Holy crap.

Larissa's Life has posted a review of One Salt Sea. No good pull quotes, some minor spoilers, overall awesome review. Thanks, Larissa!

One Good Book has posted a review of One Salt Sea, and says "I can't say that this book was my favorite in the series, but it had many more moments that thrilled me than didn't, and it tied up a few loose ends that I felt had been dangling too long. It was a fully entertaining read that left me highly anticipating the next installment." Fair enough!

Boat Girl has posted a review of One Salt Sea, and says "For me, it was a really satisfying book in that it tied up some long dangling loose ends." Yay! I really do view One Salt Sea as the end of Act I, and it's nice that people see it that way.

So, yeah. I am trying to catch up on my roundups, because the age of these links is just embarrassing. But the links themselves are awesome. Thanks to all the reviewers I've linked, and those I've missed (or haven't gotten to yet).
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