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HALF-OFF RAGNAROK giveaway: art and pictures!

As promised, here is the Half-Off Ragnarok art and pictures giveaway!

How to enter:

Post a comment either containing or linking to fan art, photography, or other visual awesomeness inspired by or related to this series. Because LJ lists all links as spam, your comment may appear to disappear. I will be manually unspamming all these comments, have no fear.

Please link only to your own work, not to Aly's awesome covers or to someone else's fan art (it does exist). Please indicate in the original comment whether you're in the US or international.

How to win:

I will be using the RNG to choose a winner at noon PST on Monday, February 10th. Please watch this space, as I will be requesting that you send me your address pretty quickly, so that your prize can be mailed before I fly to New York for the remainder of the month.

Game on!
Tags: art, giving stuff away, halfoff ragnarok, people make things
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