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Press "start" to kick it into action.

So there is some awesome stuff going on in the Kickstarter realm, some of which is relevant to my interests in the sense that, well, I'm involved.

First off, we keep hearing about "women destroying science fiction", but what does that really mean? Well, the crew at Lightspeed Magazine really want to find out. We've long since blown our original goal out of the water, but if we can shake up a little bit more, women can also destroy horror. I really, really want to destroy horror. It would be awesome. So check it out!

If you want a little more information, check out this fantastic interview with Christie Yant, who will be editing this special issue. And to get you a little more interested, here's a quote from the interview:

"I have a story in hand from Seanan McGuire (and she seemed only slightly disappointed that I was merely asking her to write a story, and not actually acquire demolition materials)."

So yes, I will be destroying science fiction. Check it out.

Less destructively but still awesomely, the Kickstarter for Streets of Shadows is open now. This urban fantasy noir anthology should be a lot of fun, and I've already finished my story, so I'm naturally eager for it to fund. Check it out!

And that's today's Kickstarter news.
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