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The final winners have been chosen.

Sorry about the delay on picking the last two Twelve Days of Hogswatch winners. To apologize, I picked two winners for day twelve. The winners are...

The RNG (and other sillinesses) has spoken, and the winners are...

On the eleventh day of Hogswatch, the RNG gave to nimue_obscure a copy of the UK edition of Parasite.

On the twelfth day of Hogswatch, the RNG gave to tsukara and apocalypticbob the Seanan McGuire Random Crap Swag Pack.

If your name appears above, please proceed to my website contact form and send me your mailing address. I must receive this information within the next twenty-four hours. If I do not, a new winner or winners will be chosen. tsukara and apocalypticbob, please include your preferred shirt/tank top sizes, and whether you'd like a shirt or tank.

Happy Hogswatch, everyone, and to all, I wish you a happy new year.
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