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On the twelfth day of Hogswatch, your Seanan gave away...

...a unique Seanan McGuire birthday swag pack, valued at we have no idea, half this stuff was never available for sale.

So Disneyland was a little more exhausting than anticipated, and the eleventh and twelfth days of Hogswatch got pushed back a bit. I'm sorry about that. This is the posting for the eleventh of the Twelve Days of Hogswatch. Each giveaway has different rules, and a different deadline, although all prizes will be mailed on January 9th, because I am bad at going to the post office.

The final giveaway is for a birthday swag pack, assembled by yours truly. It will contain:

* A copy of the art bookmark I designed several years ago for Borderlands. These bookmarks have been gone for years, and have clownfish mermaids all over them. Super cute, and a rare example of my working in full color.
* A Slasher Chicks T-shirt. You get to pick the size, although sizes are limited (it was a very short run), so I can't promise I'll have the one you want. But hey, it would be a rockin' present for somebody else.
* A copy of your choice of Wicked Girls or Stars Fall Home, signed.
* One of the unique, never-for-sale "I'm with the band" passes we make for the Traveling Circus. I don't have passes from all events, but I can check to see if I have a specific title (Seanan books only).

This is a random number drawing with a twist. So...

1. To enter, comment on this post.
2. If you are international, indicate a willingness to pay postage.
3. Explain to me why YOU deserve this birthday gift.

Please remember that all giveaway rules are non-negotiable. Failure to follow the rules of a giveaway will mean that you cannot win, even if the RNG picks you. I will be choosing three finalists, and then letting their arguments sway me to a final winner.

I will choose the winner at 1PM PST on Wednesday, January 8th. I know that's super-tight, but I need to do the mailing.

Game on!
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