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The winners of the first five days of Hogswatch!

The RNG (and other sillinesses) has spoken, and the winners are...

On the first day of Hogswatch, the RNG gave to cailleuch a copy of Half-Off Ragnarok.

On the second day of Hogswatch, after a vicious battle, apricot_tree and beccastareyes fought each other to a standstill, and both won a copy of Velveteen vs. The Multiverse. It's my giveaway, I can do that.

On the third day of Hogswatch, the RNG gave to tiferet a copy of Chimes at Midnight.

On the fourth day of Hogswatch, the RNG gave to deire a copy of Carniepunk.

On the fifth day of Hogswatch, the RNG gave to kittylady a copy of Oz Reimagined.

If your name appears above, please proceed to my website contact form and send me your mailing address. I must receive this information within the next twenty-four hours. If I do not, a new winner or winners will be chosen.

As we continue into the Twelve Days of Hogswatch, please remember that the rules of each giveaway must be followed. I chose one winner who was then rejected because their comment did not follow instructions. Also, please do not ask questions or reply to other people's comments on giveaway posts, as this can confuse the RNG.

More fun to come!
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