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Elsa? Please, I know you're in there, people are asking where you've been...

...they say have courage and I'm trying to, I'm right out here for you, just let me in.

This is the remaining shape of my 2014, with travel dates and everything. Beautiful travel dates. Hope to see you sometime in the months to come. 2013 is put neatly to bed, with a blanket of stars to pull over its head, and I'll see you so near, and I'll see you so far, and I hope that you're happy and warm where you are.


"Black as Blood," January 7 (website).
Half-Off Ragnarok, March 4.
"Jammed," April 1 (Games Creatures Play).
"We Are All Misfit Toys in the Aftermath of the Velveteen War," April 8 (Robot Uprisings)
"Knit a Sweater Out of Sky," May 13 (Dead But Not Forgotten).
"Stingers and Strangers," May 13 (Dead Man's Hand).
Sparrow Hill Road, June 3.
The Winter Long, September 2.
Symbiont, November 2014.
"The Fixed Stars," November 4 (Shattered Shields).

"The Happiest Place...," unknown.
"No Sooner Met," unknown.


Boskone 51, February 14-16, Boston MA.
FOGcon 4, March 7-9, Walnut Creek CA.
Norwescon 37, April 17-20, Seattle WA.
Loncon 3 (Worldcon 2014), August 14-18, London England.
Shamrokon (Eurocon 2014), August 22-24, Dublin Ireland.

Westercon 68, July 2-5 2015, San Diego CA.

No fixed deadline/being written/unsold:

"The Ghosts of Bourbon Street"
"Oh Pretty Bird"
"White as a Raven's Wing"
"Each to Each"
"Best Served Cold"
"Fruiting Bodies"
"Carry Me Home"
"Pixie Season"
"These Antique Fables"
"The Day the Dead Came to Show and Tell"
Still Catch the Tide

Again, to clarify some recent confusion: some things, especially novel-length things, may appear more than once, on both the "publication date" and "being written" lists. This is because the "being written" list is an aggregate, which also includes "no fixed deadline" (IE, being written on spec or for the website) and "unsold" (IE, being written because I can). So new books will appear there for a long time before they vanish, since books take a long time to write, but may also have pub dates listed higher up.

Look at that list. It's so shiny!
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