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Istas doubts your commitment to Sparkle Motion.

I am delighted to announce that Hex in the City, an original anthology of urban fantasy from Fiction River, is available now from a retailer near you. (I had to do a search on Amazon for the title in quotes, but it came up with both Kindle and physical editions; I'm sure that other eBook retailers will have it as well.) This collection of all-new fiction includes a first for me: an Istas story.

"Red as Snow" is the story of what happens when Ryan gets introduced to Istas's family, whether he likes it or not. It's the first InCryptid story not to feature either the Price family or Rose Marshall, and I am very well-pleased with it.

You can see Tara's awesome cover for the story here. Enjoy!

This will also, as always, serve as your discussion post.
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