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PARASITE giveaway: hardship.

I am opening two Parasite giveaways this week, for the last two precious ARCs in my possession! This is the second, and it's a short one, because I want to send out the ARC on Thursday before I leave for Denver. The rules are a little different this time. Specifically...

This is a giveaway for people who know that they cannot afford the book right now. Times are tight, and sometimes we loose the luxuries, like new books, first. I don't need to know everything about your situation (although feel free to vent if it makes you feel better); everyone is being taken at their word. To enter:

1. Leave a comment on this entry.
2. This giveaway is US-only: the cost of mailing the book Internationally is more than the cost of the book, which cancels out the "can't afford" aspect of things. I'm sorry.
3. That's all.

A winner will be chosen tomorrow afternoon at 6pm PST. Time is short! Sound off now!
Tags: giving stuff away, parasite
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