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Tip jar is closed! And...well.

Okay, so first off: the tip jar is closed. Any money that is randomly sent to me after this date does not go into the tip jar total. So please wait until the next time I do this, to make sure that you get the story to go with your silver, okay!

Second off, thank you to absolutely everyone who donated, thought about donating, or couldn't donate. You are all awesome.

Thirdly, the total:


Uh, wow. I had sort of been hoping for $500, which felt greedy and illogical, but would have done a lot to help me with my story pacing. This We beat last time's total by $40, and more than topped my wildest hopes. Thank you all so much, and now let's tell the people at home what they've won!

"We Both Go Down Together" (the followup to "Loch and Key") is finished, and Tara is designing the cover now. As soon as that's done, I'll send the files off for ebook conversion, and we'll be ready to post.

"Black as Blood" has been added to the schedule, tentatively with a January completion, to let me release it in tandem with the Fiction River issue containing "Red as Snow."

"The Ghosts of Bourbon Street" has been added to the schedule, tentatively with a March completion, to keep y'all from going into Verity withdrawal.

"Blocked" was already on the schedule from the last tip jar, and "Oh Pretty Bird" will be locked in if I have space.

Thank you all so, so much.
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