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Bits and pieces for a Friday morning.

I hope the month has treated everyone well, and even more, I hope the week has treated you wonderfully. We're sliding into fall, the month of my heart, and October is going to be just amazing this year. You'll see.

As always, I am fighting against my links, and losing; because of this, I need to burn a few of them off. Don't worry, they make a lovely light.

First up, Lesley Smith (who still likes me, even though I killed her in "San Diego 2014") interviewed me for Amazing Stories. It's a very honest interview, which means that some parts of it are sad and some are not, and some are just me being faintly confused. Check it out!

I also did a "ask Seanan anything" interview over at Worlds Without End, and had a lot of fun answering their questions. It's silly and strange and includes some stuff about why I don't say things.

We're kind of on a roll with the interviews, so here: here is me talking to the nice folks at Omnivoracious about lots of things, including a picture of the exact moment when I realized that the cover of Parasite mirrors the colors used to signify "this shit here belongs to the Umbrella Corporation" and was overcome with geeky joy.

...and you know, that's only three items, but it seems like a good place to stop, because this is more of an "interview roundup" than a "review roundup," and that's okay.

Happy Friday everyone!
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