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But that was long ago, and the past is another country.

We have successfully weathered the release of Chimes at Midnight which means that you deserve a treat. And here it is:

A brand-new story about Tybalt, "Forbid the Sea," has been posted on the Toby Daye short fiction page. It is available in ePub, MOBI, and PDF formats, and is free for download. Please download rather than trying to read locally; my server will thank you.

This story is best read after "Rat-Catcher" if possible, since it is sequentially set ten years after that piece, but should make sense regardless. It is a story about loneliness, and cats, and what it means to love the sea. Nothing good will ever come of it.

Cover graphics are by Tara O'Shea. All short story electronic conversion thus far has been done by scifantasy. As both of them are awesome, we applaud them now.

Go forth, read, and please feel free to use this as a discussion post, which means there may be spoilers in the comments. Tread carefully.

Tags: short fiction, toby daye
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