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The October air smells like bonfires and promises.

So this story is Cat Valente's fault.

Cat wrote a Coyote story that was also a football story, and because I am her Coyote Girl as she is my Mermaid of Maine, she mentioned me, and some people got the idea that I liked football (rather than getting the idea that I love Coyote in all his shapes and incarnations) and asked if I would write a football story for them. So I did, and then one thing led to another, and the people who had asked for the story couldn't use it after all, but I liked it a lot (and it was something that made me think of Cat, which is always good), and so I went looking for a home.

"Homecoming" is available to read online, now, in the latest issue of Lightspeed Magazine.

"Homecoming" is a story about football (with thanks to Shawn for clarifying my action). It's a story about hot October nights when the stands are full and the crowd is cheering and you feel like you can run forever. It's a story about destiny. And it's a story I'm fairly proud of.

You can read this month's full issue at:

Fantasy! Science fiction! Non-fiction! Diverse voices! And an upcoming "Women Destroying Science Fiction" special issue. I highly recommend either purchasing this issue (if you like any of the stories it contains and want to support the magazine that published them), or picking up a subscription. Either way, the boys of summer are waiting for you on the field. It's the big game tonight.

You wouldn't want to make them wait for long.
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