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Slasher Chicks shirts for sale!

If you've read "Bad Dream Girl," you already know that Antimony Price is a derby girl. But did you know that her team, the Slasher Chicks, has team shirts?

Well, now you do.

Originally printed for the San Antonio Worldcon, we have some shirts left over, and I am going to be selling them here in batches of three. For examples of what they look like, check these two links:

Both pictures are of the tank top, not the T-shirt, but you can see the logo clearly. All overruns (tank and T) are white ink on black fabric. T-shirts will be $20 for standard sizes. To purchase, please comment here, and upon confirmation, email me via my website contact form so that we can work out payment and shipping ($5 for domestic, $10 for international).

The current batch:

1. Girl-cut T, Medium.
2. Girl-cut T, Large.
3. Girl-cut T, XXL.

The reason for the small batches is simple: I have to hand-carry to the post office. I reserve the right to update the sale structure if I have the opportunity to carry a larger batch. I will update this post as time goes on.
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