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Strap up and skate on: GLITTER AND MAYHEM is available now!

Well, it's here: at long last you, too, can join the roller party already in progress. Glitter and Mayhem is available now from a bookseller near you! Twenty-one stories, twenty-one parties you know you want to be invited to.

The scores are in:

"Though stories range from humorous to horrific and from innocent to explicit, they stick to the theme with thoroughly enjoyable results. The diverse cast includes gay, lesbian, transgender, and drag queen characters, all portrayed in sensitive and positive lights. This collection definitely brings the party, with nary a poor choice to spoil the evening." —Publishers Weekly

"Glitter and Mayhem not only justifies the risks and faith required from its kickstarter backers, it shows that there is an audience for anthologies that take risks to bring short fiction outside of the usual bounds to a genre audience." —SF Signal

"Most of the stories here are weird, clever, and weirdly clever. Many of them involve roller skating. I never knew that I needed them. But now I want more sci-fi and fantasy stories about roller skating." —Revolution SF

"Glitter and Mayhem reminds me of the sweat and liquid latex-scented parties of the '90s Lower East Side. Only with, like, 50% more murder." —Kelly Sue DeConnick

Basically, come to our party if you want a good time...and if you want to meet Antimony "Final Girl" Price, the roller derby doll little sister of our beloved Verity. Annie's got another bout coming up in February, when she'll be taking on all challengers in "Jammed," but it all begins with "Bad Dream Girl" in Glitter and Mayhem.

See you on the track!
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