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Trust the crows, but shun the ravens: INDEXING episode #6 is now live!

It's here! It's here! The sixth episode of Indexing is now live!

Sloane Winters needs help, and Henry Marchen is going to help her if it kills both of them (which is always possible, given their line of work). Dr. Reynard is a therapist specializing in ATI issues, and it seems like he's the perfect one to help Sloane. It's really a pity that he's dead. Now, with a murder on their hands and no help in sight, the ATI Management Bureau team needs to figure out what's going on...before it's too late. Episode six, "Fox's Tongue," is ready for you to enjoy.

This post serves as both your reminder and discussion thread.

Once upon a time...
Tags: indexing, short fiction
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