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A few notes on comments.

Hey, guys, just a few things:

1. I try to answer all top-level comments on posts that do not have comment amnesty (giveaways automatically have comment amnesty). I will not join an ongoing thread unless I really want to.

2. Please do not edit your comments eight times. This floods my already overflowing inbox, and forces me to wade through duplicates looking for things that need answers. Please don't edit at all, unless you really need to.

3. Yes, LJ marks links as spam. I manually unspam all non-spam links. Please don't report that your first comment got spam-filed, or re-post repeatedly trying to avoid being flagged and hidden. I will manually unscreen you, I promise. But it takes longer when you hit my inbox with the wrath of an angry beehive.

Thanks, all. You're great.
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