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There's a time to fall, and there's a time to fight...

...anything can be a weapon if you're holding it right.

This is the current shape of my 2013, with travel dates and everything. Beautiful travel dates. Hope to see you sometime in the months to come. 2014 is also beginning to appear, because let's face it, May 2014 is closer to "now" than January 2013. And other horrifying thoughts. (Most horrifying of all, the first 2015 date has appeared. Gleep.)


"How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea," July 15 2013.
"Cruel Sister" (Indexing, episode #5), July 16 2013.
"Daughter of the Midway, the Mermaid, and the Open, Lonely Sea," July 30 2013.
"Fox's Tongue" (Indexing, episode #6), July 30 2013.
Velveteen vs. The Multi-verse, August 2 2013.
"Bad Dream Girl," September 1 2013.
"Homecoming," September 10 2013.
Chimes at Midnight, September 3 2013.
"Train Yard Blues," October 13 2013.
Parasite, October 29 2013.
"Red as Snow," December 2013.

Half-Off Ragnarok, March 2014.
"Jammed," April 1 2014.
"Stingers and Strangers," May 2014.
Sparrow Hill Road, June 2014.
The Winter Long, September 2014.
Symbiogenesis, November 2014.

"The Happiest Place...," unknown.
"Midway Relics and Dying Breeds," unknown.
"No Sooner Met," unknown.
"Forbid the Sea," unknown.
"Frontier ABCs: The Life and Times of Charity Smith, Schoolteacher," unknown.


San Diego Comic Con, July 17-21, San Diego CA.
Musecon, August 2-4, Itasca IL.
Lone Star Con (Worldcon 2013), August 28-September 2, San Antonio TX.
Mile Hi Con 45, October 18-20, Denver CO.
SFContario, November 29-December 1, Toronto Canada.

Boskone 51, February 14-16 2014, Boston MA.
Norwescon 36, April 17-20, Seattle WA.
Loncon 3, August 14-18, London England.
Shamrokon, August 22-24, Dublin Ireland.

Westercon 68, July 2-5 2015, San Diego CA.

No fixed deadline/being written/unsold:

The Winter Long
"Carry Me Home"
"Pixie Season"
"These Antique Fables"
"Bad Apple"
"The Moon Inside"
"In Skeleton Leaves"
"Driving Jenny Home"
"Lady Antheia's Guide to Horticultural Warfare"

There are a few things not on the list because they don't have titles yet, and they're not really stories for me until they acquire titles (even if those titles wind up changing seventeen times during the writing/editing process). There's at least one surprise coming that was never on the list at all, because that is the nature of lists: something always gets left off.

Look at that list. It's so shiny!
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