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Reminder about SKIN HORSE volume 4!

Okay, so:

The Kickstarter for Skin Horse, volume 4 is still going, with newly unlocked backer levels, including "Black Ops Foster Parent," which will come with a page of original art from the story "For Always" which I penned for this collection. All pages will be signed by Shaenon Garrity (the artist) and me (the author). Which means that if you want to have something completely unique—a page of original art from my first published comic story—this is the party for you.

(Hey, after they finally wise up and let me write the X-Men, that's going to be worth bank.)

There are six slots left at the Black Ops Foster Parent level, and I can guarantee that Shaenon will not have any pages left for sale after the Kickstarter finishes, as any that are not claimed by backers, I fully intend to buy for my own collection. So this is your one chance to both support an awesome web comic and keep me from adding more crap to the endlessly growing tide of stuff that threatens to consume my home.

Hooray for comics!
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