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Limited editions: a clarification and a reminder.

I have appeared in two limited edition books from Subterranean Press: A Fantasy Medley 2, which featured my Tybalt-centric novella, "Rat-Catcher," and When Will You Rise?: Stories to End the World, which features "Countdown" and "Apocalypse Scenario #683: The Box." ("Apocalypse Scenario" is not set in the Newsflesh universe, by the way; it's part of my mad science triptych, along with "The Tolling of Pavlov's Bells" and "Laughter at the Academy.")

A Fantasy Medley 2 is now out of print. Very, very out of print. "The signed edition is selling for upwards of a thousand dollars on Amazon" out of print. I do not have copies for sale. I don't generally sell author's copies of anything, because I am not a store, but in this case especially, I didn't receive enough copies to do anything like that. There is no ebook edition, and right now, because I am still under contract for the physical book, I don't have the option to post the story as a free download. Eventually, it will either be reprinted or posted to my short fiction page, depending on how things go, but for the moment, I just don't have the authority. (Most short fiction contracts come with an "exclusivity" clause which guarantees an author won't sell the same thing to thirty markets at once.)

There are some copies of the basic, non-signed edition of A Fantasy Medley 2 currently available on Amazon, starting at about $15. If you're really, really desperate to read "Rat-Catcher" without buying from Amazon, you might want to consider getting a supporting membership to this year's Worldcon. Yes, $60 for one novella is a lot, but you don't just get one novella: you get the entire Hugo Voter's Packet, which is way awesome and packed with goodness.

When Will You Rise?: Stories to End the World is not out of print...yet. But it is a limited edition of 1,000 copies, and I know that a lot of those have been sold. You can find details on the book here. It's a really gorgeous piece of work, with incredible illustrations throughout. And, speaking candidly...I really enjoyed doing this book, and I'd love it if the sales supported Subterranean doing another. So I'm very much in favor of people buying copies for their very own. Both stories included in When Will You Rise? are available through the Orbit Short Fiction Program, so you won't have the same issues getting your hands on them (at least for right now), but this is currently your only option for seeing those stories in physical form.

Hope this clears things up a bit!

(The Velveteen vs. books are also limited printings, although in this case, the publisher has the option to print more if the first print run sells out. So it's not as much of an immediate concern, although naturally, I think everyone should own these books in their own homes, to avoid them somehow magically ending up in mine.)

ETA: Updated some availability notes, as Amazon once again has the basic A Fantasy Medley 2 available for order. Hooray!
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