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Stars not falling just yet.

It is with sorrow and sincere regret that I must announce that the Stars Fall Home reprint will not be available by this year's Memorial Day conventions. The CD duplicator needs a certain amount of time to turn everything around, and since I'm leaving for Disney World in ten days, the window for file transmission has unfortunately closed. We weren't able to get all the necessary pieces together in time, and so the actual duplication has to be delayed until a) we have all the components, and b) I'm in the state of California to deal with them.

I'm really, really sorry. I know people were excited to get their hands on the new version of the album; so was I, and I'm devastated to have to tell you all that it's not going to happen as quickly as I had originally hoped.

I will keep you all posted.

Sorry again.
Tags: i make music, recording, utterly exhausted
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