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Dance or die: MIDNIGHT BLUE-LIGHT SPECIAL review roundup!

It's time to reduce the link file by posting some of the truly awesome Midnight Blue-Light Special reviews that have shown up recently. Hooray!

Alice the Writer has posted a review of Midnight Blue-Light Special, and says, "If this book were worse, I would be using this space to rail about how Seanan McGuire should spend her time focusing on Toby Daye's adventures so we'd have more of those. Alas, Verity's world is just as well-rounded as Toby's, her monsters and men just as interesting, her allies just as amusing." This is the best complaint ever, and I wish to hug it a lot.

Over the Effing Rainbow has posted a review of Midnight Blue-Light Special, and says, "Right, then. No beating around the bush with this one—the second book in Seanan McGuire's InCryptid series is, in my opinion, possibly one of the most well-written and engaging urban fantasy novels I've read—and I've read every one of the Dresden Files novels several times over by now. McGuire is, for me, an author who is well within Jim Butcher's league for this stuff—her October Daye series continues to improve with every new book, and I can already tell that her pattern is holding true with this series as well." Daaaaaamn.

Badass Book Reviews has posted a review of Midnight Blue-Light Special, and says, "This book will take you through the entire gamut of emotions. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll worry for the characters safety, and you'll cheer their triumphs. As with all Seanan McGuire novels, the writing is top-notch and the world entirely engrossing. Give yourself some time to savor this novel; once you pick it up, you won’t be able to put it down!" Yay!

Michael Jones at has posted a review of Midnight Blue-Light Special, and says, "Midnight Blue-Light Special is fun. Even in the darkest moments, when Verity is dealing with ruthless enemies and fighting for her life, when good people are making desperate choices, there’s that sense of whimsy, of magic, of joy, which makes this a book, and a series, well worth checking out. I can’t wait for the next installment." He also calls attention to the amount of As You Know, Bob in the book, which is a fair cop, if not one that I have a clear bead on fixing, since when I cut the AYKB, I get complaints about things being dense and confusing. This is the lesser of two evils, I guess. It's a great review, and Michael Jones pulls no punches, as always.

Fantasy Book Cafe has posted a review of Midnight Blue-Light Special, and says, "Like its predecessor, Midnight Blue-Light Special is humorous and highly entertaining without a dull moment. While I wanted to see the premise of the first book built on a little more in the second book, I thought it did a great job with a kickass main protagonist who had strengths beyond her fighting ability as well as a quieter character with inner strength. I also enjoyed that it got a bit darker and the stakes were higher for the characters, and I’m certainly looking forward to reading more in this series." Woo!

I am pleased with how this book has been received, and I can't wait for y'all to see book three, and meet Alex properly for the first time.
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