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Everybody loves a little carnage.

I am pleased to announce that my story, "Red as Snow," will be appearing in the December issue of Fiction River, subtitled Hex in the City. Need more details on Fiction River? Look no further than this link. But, you know. I'm going to give more details anyway, because I'm that kind of girl.

This is a monthly anthology series, each issue focusing on a different theme. December is the month of urban fantasy, but they've covered an amazing range of subjects already, and I'm incredibly excited to see where they're going to go from here.

"Red as Snow" is an Istas-narrated story, which is a first for me. It's also the first story set in the InCryptid universe but not centering on any member of the Price-Healy family. Instead, it's about Istas, and Ryan, and parasols, and pizza. And carnage, of course. You can't have waheela without carnage.

This is a new chapter in the expansion of the greater InCryptid universe, and I couldn't be more excited about it. December 2013! Mark your calendars, and prepare for impact.

Tags: incryptid, publishing news, short fiction
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