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A question of questions.

This has been coming up a lot lately, and in the interests of my not snapping inappropriately at anyone, I figured it was time to make this post again. So...

Please. Please, I am begging you, please don't ask "when can we read X" or "does this mean you'll be writing more about Y." If I haven't told you, I can't tell you.

My schedule for the next six months is tight enough that I've been cancelling dinner dates and social outings left and right, and I didn't have that many of them to start with. And that doesn't include more Velveteen, more Rose, or more anything else that I haven't already announced publicly, on this blog.

I love having an involved, active community here that I can talk to, learn from, and listen to. And I do appreciate knowing what you want to see more of. But if something is happening, confirmed, and at a point where I can say "this is happening," then I will say it without prompting. Asking about it over and over again in comments and email just makes me tired and sad and grumpy, and unfortunately, I'm only human: the 200th time I'm asked something, I will snap, which especially sucks if this was your first entry into the conversation.

So please. Don't ask me these questions. I can't answer them, so you won't get any satisfaction, but you will make me sad.

And that sucks.
Tags: requesting things, shameless plea
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