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Walking on knives, for real this time.

Many of you probably know that I've been having severe issues with my left foot right now, which make it difficult for me to walk normally. Sometimes I can't walk at all. It turns out that this is because I've developed an internal bone spur. So I'm going to the podiatrist, who's going to refer me to a surgeon, who's going to cut me open and make things better. "Better" is a word that lives on the other side of surgical recovery and more pain, but at least there's a clear road from here to there.

I keep joking that I'm a mermaid now, since I get to walk on knives everywhere I go. Damn, do I feel bad for Ariel.

It's not fun, being basically in good physical form and ready to resume my normal exercise regime (now that my back injury has finally recovered enough to allow me to do so), only to have my foot decide that I don't need to be independently mobile. It's been making me snarly and a little more short-tempered than usual, because constant pain does not a happy blonde make, and for this I apologize. Hopefully, surgery will resolve things neatly, I'll spend a few weeks sitting around hating everything while I recover enough to start physical therapy, and then I'll be better.

I am excited to be better.

Comment amnesty on this post: I really appreciate your support, silent or vocal, but I have a massive comment backlog, so I can't promise to answer everything.
Tags: medical fu, state of the blonde
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