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Good faith drawing: A FANTASY MEDLEY 2.

This worked well last time, so here we go: it's time for another good faith drawing, this time for a copy of A Fantasy Medley 2.

Look. Times are tough right now, and a lot of us don't have a huge amount of disposable income. I know a $25 hardcover isn't always in my budget, even when I really really want it. So that is what this drawing is for. If you want a copy but can't afford it, please comment to let me know you'd like to be entered. I will select a winner on Thursday morning.

I don't need to know why you can't afford the book; I just ask that you only enter if you genuinely can't find the dollars right now. That way, we make things a little more level for everybody.

Same region rules as last time: US welcome, non-US only if you can pay postage. And because this has come up before, if you're in the US and would like to volunteer to pay postage for a non-US resident, you can. For this drawing, comment on the main entry if you can pay non-US postage, and while that comment won't win, I will be able to go back to it if someone from outside the US does.

I will be doing a more open giveaway later this week, I just need to take things slow while I get my footing back after the flu that kicked my butt for the last nine days.

Game on!
Tags: giving stuff away, short fiction, toby daye
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