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Giveaway results.

...and wow, are these not being mailed out before Christmas; the Post Office looks like a circle of Hell right now, and I can't imagine entering it for anything less than a little slip that says "We have your package, it's meowing and smells like candy corn, we can only guess that it is a genetically-engineered Maine Coon that never sheds, claws things, or makes unpleasant smells in the middle of the night while you're trying to sleep." So these beauties will be sent out after the new year.

With that, the two winners of our sponsored copies of Velveteen vs. The Junior Super Patriots are:


Please send your mailing information via my website contact form ASAP. Since I'm not promising quick postage, I'm going to be lenient this time; you have until Christmas to get it to me. If I do not receive your info by then, new winners will be chosen.

Thanks to everyone for playing, and big, big thanks to the generous sponsors of this giveaway. You make the holidays brighter.

Happy holidays!
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